unique, killer arrangements & smooth moves

Like we said, Amplify are not a choir. Amplify are so much more than just a choir. We perform unique, killer arrangements (written by our very own Musical Director) and add some smooth moves for good measure.
We favour a wide variety of music from Frank Sinatra to Clean Bandit and everything in between.
Our rehearsals sometimes feature cake and selfies but mainly feel-good singing. We’re just one big happy family, really!

If you fancy joining us you must be at least 12 years of age and be a really good singer that can handle super-duper harmonies. You’ll have to audition so we can check out your skills but don’t worry, we’re very lovely and not at all scary! Interested? Register for an audition here…

If you're not 12 yet, take heart, all is not lost! Why not join our Mini Amps?! You just need to be between 8 and 12 years old and love singing as much as we do. There's no audition, just let us know you'd like to join in the fun! In fact, we're so sure you'll love it that the first week's on us! Find out more about Mini Amps and register for your free trial week here...

Here’s a bunch of stuff about Amplify’s directors, so you know you’re in safe, if slightly crazy, hands.

Emma Mason



Diploma in Dance Education from Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Diploma in Professional Dance and Teacher Training from Bristol College of Dancing.


Teaching performing arts for over 15 years to all ages, producing and directing full theatre shows, over 20 years professional performance experience, directing Euphoria Show Choir, teaching performance technique to Team GB gymnasts and choreographing floor routines for national and international gymnastics champions.

Kick Ass Performances

Blackpool Opera House, Royal Albert Hall, Winter Gardens Weston Super Mare, Manhattan Center Ballroom New York, plus many more UK theatres.


Special Skills 

Chocolate expert, in-depth knowledge of all 7 Harry Potter books, mind control.


Rachel Mason 


Masters in Songwriting, Degree in Music with honours, Licenciate in Musical Theatre Performance, Diploma in Vocal Teaching. 


Judge for Sky1 television show Sing: Ultimate A Cappella which was nominated for a National Television Award. 13 years as a vocal teacher, Musical Director for 7 vocal harmony groups including Euphoria Show Choir, the UK’s top show choir. Vocal arranger for numerous choirs in the UK, Australia, Canada and America. International vocal judge and mentor to many international vocal groups. Award-winning songwriter for international pop stars. 

Kick-Ass Performances 

Sky1, Royal Albert Hall, Hammerstein Ballroom New York, Disneyland California, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Toronto Canada, Show Choir Championships Hollywood, O’Reilly Theatre Dublin Ireland, Sky Television, BBC Television, BBC Radio, ITV Television, Danson Festival London, airplay on American radio stations as part of Songs For Social Causes, BRIT Awards correspondent BBC Radio.

Special Skills 

Synaesthesia (Rachel sees music as colours and tastes music too. Weird, huh!), tea drinking, can quote any line from Friends.